Ballscrews offer high accuracy in combination with high efficiency. Ballscrews, consist of a ballscrew shaft and ballscrew nut, within which the balls and a ball return system are integrated.

Vansichen Linear Technology cooperates with three suppliers. Hiwin for the standard range ballscrews, miniatures from the Eichenberger companyand bigger spindles from Blis. The miniatures from Eichenberger are available from a diameter of 4 mm with a lead of 1 mm. The bigger spindles from Blis have a diameter until 200 mm with a lead up to 200 mm. Blis produces all ball return systems according to drawing.


- Dimensions of the nut according to DIN69051 (Hiwin)
- Standard accuracy rolled ballscrews: 0.052mm/300mm (not for eichenberger)
- Standard accuracy peeled ballscrews: 0.023mm/300mm


Vansichen Linear Technology has the most used ballscrew bearings in stock (fixed and supporting side). With all the vendors final editing is possible according to plan. Hiwin standardised the necessary operations for these bearings on their ballscrews. You can find the specifications here.


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