DLS lubrication system

When designing machinery and installations, it is important to pay attention to the lubrication. Vansichen Linear Technology made in co-operation with DLS Schmiersysteme GmbH an automatic system to 16 lubrication points with feedback available.

Operation DLS Lubrication System - Direct Lubrication Systems

The Flex Pump is the heart of the installation, it electronically adjusts the lubrication quantities, and can both pump oil and grease to NLG Class. The pumping is done by a two cylinder pump technology and with a pressure up to 70 bar. The Flex Pump does not need to be placed in the immediate surroundings of the lubrication point. There are 1 to 4 outputs available on the pump, through splitters each output can further provide up to 4 lubrication points with lubricant. There is a total of 16 lubrication points which can be operated by one Flex Pump. The cartridges with lubricant (as desired by the customer) can not only be replaced in a simple manner, but are also environmentally friendly.

Some Features

- Automatic pulse controlled system
- Control and power via the PLC (incl. Error )
- Fats up to NLG class 3 (also with solid particles)
- 1-4 outputs
- Various amounts and time intervals.
- Operating pressure 70 bar.
- Content cartridge 400 cm3
- Ideal for applications in linear technology:
        - Linear guide carriages
        - Ballscrews
        - Rack and pinion system.
        - Grease Gear polyurethane foam available instead of felt.

Schedule setup DLS lubrication system.

Schema DLS Smeersysteem

More information?
If you are interested in extra information, please contact us via info@vansichen.be or +32 (0) 11 37 79 63. We have a demo case available, with explanation by one of our employees who shows clearly how it functions.