KK-lineair modules

The units consist of a steel profile with 2 HIWIN linear guideways.

There are 3 drive types:
• KK-HD: Rotating ballscrew with leading nut from HIWIN.
• KK-RP: Rack and pinoin from ATLANTA.
• KK-BD: HTD toothed belt.

Fitting position:
As required. Maximum part length is 12000 mm. Connecting multiple parts is possible.
The maximum length for the KK-HD is limited to 6000 mm.

Carriage support:
In the standard version is the carriage supported with 4 runner blocks.
For longer carriages the number of runner blocks can be increased.

• Guideways with a greasenipple on the runner blocks.
• Ballscrew with a greasenipple on the leading nut.
• Rack and pinion with a toothed felt gear.
• Toothed belt is maintenance free.

Other possibilities (On request):

• High precision ballscrew.
• Ballsscrew protected with a bellow.
• Reinforced bearings for higher axial loads.
• Adapter and coupling for motor/gearbox.

• High precision racks and pinions.
• Other types of racks and pinions allow different forces.
• Adapter and coupling for motor.

• Adapter and coupling for gearbox.
• Special belts for special environments.

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