Linear guideways

A linear guideway facilitates linear movement using ball bearings. The use of ball bearings between the rail and the carriage makes it possible for a linear guideway to achieve precise linear movement.


- These guides can absorb forces in all directions.
- Compact and precise guidance system with high rigidity.
- Is the most suitable rail to use as a mono rail.
- For speeds above 2.5m/s please contact us.
- Rail length up to 4000mm in one piece, for longer lengths the rails are coupled.
- Hiwin has 3 types with balls: HG, EG and the miniature type MG.
- Hiwin also has a roller circulation guideway: type RG.
- Large stock available in Belgium (HG and MG series).

For dusty and polluted environments T-rails in combination with SW-seals can be a solution. Contact us for more information.


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In our range we also have suitable clamping elements from Zimmer for the guideways.


Instructionvideo: Mounting carriage on the guideway

3D-CAD Hiwin