Linear modules

KK-HD 225-20, length 700 mm, linear module with ballscrew

Linear module with rack and pinion

Linear module left-right with ballscrew

Linear module with ballscrew (KK-HD 225-20)

Linear module with rack and pinion (KK-RP)

Linear module left-right with ballscrew (KK-HD)

KK-HD XY application testsystem

KK-RP special application

KK-LM linear module with linear motor

Linear modules with ballswrew in XY application (KK-HD)

Linear modules with rack and pinion (X) and ballscrew (Y)

Linear module with linear motor (KK-LM)

Lifting units driven by belts

KK-BD's for Merco Machines

Lift mast with flat belt drive

Linear axis with belt drive (KK-BD)


Telescopic axis Upside-Down for Kuka Robot KR270

Robottrack AT35-C for Fanuc Robot M20

Robottrack Clean-Room application with Stäubli Robot RX160

Telescopic axis for Kuka robot KR270

AT35-C for Fanuc robot M20

AT35-F for Stäubli robot RX160

Robottrack FT-45 Special with Fanuc Robot R2000Robot M20iA8L. AT35-W with a length of 5090mm and a stroke length of 3940mm.

FT45 with a Stäubli TX200 robot

FT-45 for Fanuc robot R2000 Robottrack 

AT35-W for Fanuc robot M20iA

FT45-CO for Stäubli robot TX200

FT45CO special edition with central drive

Linear systems

AT35-XZ system with Z-axis from aluminum

Telescopic Y-axis. Hub 2500 mm, stroke 68000 mm

AT55-XZ system, double Z-axis

AT35-XZ with Z-axis from aluminum

AT55-XY with telescopic Y-axis

AT55-XZ with double Z-axis

Handlingsystem to manipulate nickel platesAT35-XZ system, Z-axis from steel

Contact length stop for press brake

AT55-XZ with double Z-axis, Y-axis and 2x rotation


Contact length stop for press brake

Image title

Image title

3-axis robottrack - Manipulator for welding robot

3-axis manipulator with Bahr modules

AT35-XZ with Z-axis in aluminium