The G-line is a sliding guide and is a derived product of the existing W-line. The W-line has running wheels running on the HIWIN RG rails, the G-line uses sliding elements. These sliding elements are made from “PEEK”, a high-performance plastic. PEEK has a number of impressive qualities:

  • It’s operating temperature ranges from -40° to 250° degrees
  • The plastic can withstand heavy loads
  • It has excellent chemical resistance
  • Low expansion coefficient
  • High material stiffness coupled with excellent dimensional stability
  • Approved for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Ultra-high vacuum applications.
  • Applications with heavy contamination

These properties ensure G-line can offer a solution in situations where existing ball or bearing guide systems are insufficient.

The external dimensions remained the same as the standard profile guides. The G-line is available for different sizes (from 15 to 65).

For the time being, the G-line is offered on a project/customer-specific basis. For more information please contact us info@vansichen.be.


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