Winkel combined bearings offer an economical solution for vertical and horizontal movements in handling machines and lift systems. They are mainly used for heavy loads such as pallet lifting systems.


  • Winkel combined bearings can take radial and axial loads.
  • The guiding profiles consist of thick-walled steel 52.3 Nb and are weldable, with a length of 12m.
  • For speeds above 0,8m/sec please contact us.
  • Profiles can be cut to length, sandblasted and if necessary finished according to the customers design.
  • The AP adapter plates provide both easy assembly and adjustability for the Winkel bearings.
  • For applications in polluted environments we recommend the use of Winkel bearings with Oilamid insert.
  • Polyamide Winkel bearings are suitable for high speeds, up to 5m/s.
  • The most commonly used Winkel Bearings are in stock in Belgium.


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